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Killing of cultured hepatocytes by conjugates of asialofetuin and EGF linked to the A chains of ricin or diphtheria toxin.

A disulfide-linked conjugate between asialofetuin (ASF) and the toxic A chain ( RTA) of ricin is as potent a toxin for cultured rat hepatocytes as our previously described conjugate between ASF and fragment A of diphtheria toxin (DTA). An RTA conjugate of epidermal growth factor (EGF) was a potent toxin for 3T3 cells. In contrast, EGF-DTA was essentially nontoxic for 3T3 cells. We have now examined the toxicity of EGF- RTA and EGF-DTA on cultured hepatocytes. The EGF-DTA conjugate, nontoxic to 3T3 cells, is also a potent toxin for hepatocytes. We also observed a decrease with time of culture in the sensitivity of hepatocytes to the ASF and EGF conjugates. This decrease is not a result of a decrease in EGF or asialoglycoprotein receptors.[1]


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