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Discovery of myosin genes by physical mapping in Dictyostelium.

The diversity of the myosin family in a single organism, Dictyostelium discoideum, has been investigated by a strategy devised to rapidly identify and clone additional members of a gene family. An ordered array of yeast artificial chromosome clones that encompasses the Dictyostelium genome was probed at low stringency with conserved regions of the myosin motor domain to identify all possible myosin loci. The previously identified myosin loci (mchA, myoA-E) were detected by hybridization to the probes, as well as an additional seven previously unidentified loci (referred to as myoF-L). Clones corresponding to four of these additional loci (myoF, myoH-J) were obtained by using the isolated yeast artificial chromosomes as templates in a PCR employing degenerate primers specific for conserved regions of the myosin head. Sequence analysis and physical mapping of these clones confirm that these PCR products are derived from four previously unidentified myosin genes. Preliminary analysis of these sequences suggests that at least one of the genes (myoJ) encodes a member of a potentially different class of myosins. With the development of whole genome libraries for a variety of organisms, this approach can be used to rapidly explore the diversity of this and other gene families in a number of systems.[1]


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