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High-performance liquid chromatographic profiles of aloe constituents and determination of aloin in beverages, with reference to the EEC regulation for flavouring substances.

Characteristic HPLC profiles of fresh and aged aloe solutions, detected at 360 and 220 nm, are presented and compared. Several aloe constituents (aloesin, aloeresin A, hydroxyaloin, aloin A and B and aloinoside A and B) were simultaneously separated and identified. The determination of aloin is described (detection limit 0.15 ppm) and discussed. In aloe-based alcoholic beverages, the aloins could not be detected, owing to their instability and degradation in solution; this is discussed in relation to the EEC Council Directive 88/388, which fixed the values of maximum allowable concentrations for aloin in food and beverages. Instead of aloin, other aloe compounds (e.g., aloeresin A or aloesin) should perhaps be used as an index of the presence of aloe in alcoholic beverages.[1]


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