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Vinata B. Lokeshwar

Division of Urology Research

Department of Urology (M-800)

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

P.O. Box 016960



Name/email consistency: high



  • Division of Urology Research, Department of Urology (M-800), University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, P.O. Box 016960, USA. 2000 - 2010


  1. Antitumor activity of hyaluronic acid synthesis inhibitor 4-methylumbelliferone in prostate cancer cells. Lokeshwar, V.B., Lopez, L.E., Munoz, D., Chi, A., Shirodkar, S.P., Lokeshwar, S.D., Escudero, D.O., Dhir, N., Altman, N. Cancer Res. (2010) [Pubmed]
  2. Epigenetic regulation of HYAL-1 hyaluronidase expression. identification of HYAL-1 promoter. Lokeshwar, V.B., Gomez, P., Kramer, M., Knapp, J., McCornack, M.A., Lopez, L.E., Fregien, N., Dhir, N., Scherer, S., Klumpp, D.J., Manoharan, M., Soloway, M.S., Lokeshwar, B.L. J. Biol. Chem. (2008) [Pubmed]
  3. Hyalurondiase: both a tumor promoter and suppressor. Lokeshwar, V.B., Selzer, M.G. Semin. Cancer Biol. (2008) [Pubmed]
  4. Uronate peaks and urinary hyaluronic acid levels correlate with interstitial cystitis severity. Lokeshwar, V.B., Selzer, M.G., Unwala, D.J., Estrella, V., Gomez, M.F., Golshani, R., Kester, R.R., Klumpp, D.J., Gousse, A.E. J. Urol. (2006) [Pubmed]
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  7. HYAL1 hyaluronidase: a molecular determinant of bladder tumor growth and invasion. Lokeshwar, V.B., Cerwinka, W.H., Lokeshwar, B.L. Cancer Res. (2005) [Pubmed]
  8. Urinary uronate and sulfated glycosaminoglycan levels: markers for interstitial cystitis severity. Lokeshwar, V.B., Selzer, M.G., Cerwinka, W.H., Gomez, M.F., Kester, R.R., Bejany, D.E., Gousse, A.E. J. Urol. (2005) [Pubmed]
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  10. Bladder tumor markers beyond cytology: International Consensus Panel on bladder tumor markers. Lokeshwar, V.B., Habuchi, T., Grossman, H.B., Murphy, W.M., Hautmann, S.H., Hemstreet, G.P., Bono, A.V., Getzenberg, R.H., Goebell, P., Schmitz-Dräger, B.J., Schalken, J.A., Fradet, Y., Marberger, M., Messing, E., Droller, M.J. Urology (2005) [Pubmed]
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  12. Bladder tumor markers for monitoring recurrence and screening comparison of hyaluronic acid-hyaluronidase and BTA-Stat tests. Lokeshwar, V.B., Schroeder, G.L., Selzer, M.G., Hautmann, S.H., Posey, J.T., Duncan, R.C., Watson, R., Rose, L., Markowitz, S., Soloway, M.S. Cancer (2002) [Pubmed]
  13. Stromal and epithelial expression of tumor markers hyaluronic acid and HYAL1 hyaluronidase in prostate cancer. Lokeshwar, V.B., Rubinowicz, D., Schroeder, G.L., Forgacs, E., Minna, J.D., Block, N.L., Nadji, M., Lokeshwar, B.L. J. Biol. Chem. (2001) [Pubmed]
  14. Differences in hyaluronic acid-mediated functions and signaling in arterial, microvessel, and vein-derived human endothelial cells. Lokeshwar, V.B., Selzer, M.G. J. Biol. Chem. (2000) [Pubmed]
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