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Dr Tongwen Wang


The Whole Elephant Institute

481 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10001

United States


Name/email consistency: low


Current name:


Lotus King Weiss


The Whole Elephant Institute




phone: 201-206-3080


Greetings to my former colleagues,


My laboratory was forcibly shut down in 2004, due to my involvement in collaborating with Dr. Lili Feng (an Immunologist at Baylor School of Medicine) in a project to study how the ancient Qigong practice, Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa)( ), effect the human immmune system. I became black-listed by the Chinese Communist Government shortly after my public speech at Harvard ( ) in the spring of 2002. Two years later, a representative sent by Mr. Gary Locke (then the Governor of Washington State) visited the Director of the Benaroya Research Institute, Dr. Jerry Nepom, who immediately claimed that my research interest "no longer match with the mission of the research institute", and ordered me to "find a new place", if I would continue the research project on the study of the impact of practicing Falun Dafa on human immune system. In 2005, my parents, under the deception and threat by the Chinese Communist Government, worked through my brother, Dr. Jianxin Bao (a neuroscient working at the Department of Otolaryngology, Washington University), who collaborated with another scientist, Dr. Amelia Gallitano-Mendel (Arizona State University), to present a fake medical diagosis to the Seattle Family Court, which awarded Dr. Jianxin Bao Gardianship over me and all of my estates, forcing me into a homeless situation, and confiscated all of my personal belongs. The purpose was to force me to leave America to go back to China, where I would be subjected to the direct persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted since July 20, 1999, when the former Head of the Chinese Communist Party, Jiang Zemin, who, out of personal jealousy, decided to totally eradicate Falun Gong in China within three months. He ordered, "Ruin Their Reputation, Make Them Financially Bankrupt, and Destroy Them Physically". The persecution towards Falun Gong practitioners has been extremely brutal and inhumane. I miraculously survived from the deadly trap and finally settled down in New York City, where I have a new family and work full time on the development of a non-profit organization, The Whole Elephant Institute ( ). I am looking forward to sharing with you the experience of my amazing journey, and hope that what I have learned in the past six years, outside of a research laboratory, amidsts the general public, who are the true providers of our research fundings, can bring new vision to your journey, in the search for the truth of the spendor of life phenomena.

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