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Abdulbari Bener

Hamad General Hospital

University of Manchester

and Weill Cornell Medical College



Name/email consistency: high



  • Hamad General Hospital, University of Manchester, and Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar. 2012
  • Department of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology, Hamad Medical Corporation, Hamad General Hospital, Qatar; Department Evidence for Population Health Unit, Qatar. Electronic address:. 2012
  • Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation and Weill Cornell Medical College, PO Box 3050, Qatar. 2003 - 2011
  • Hamad General Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation Doha, Department of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, Qatar. 2007
  • Hamad Medical Corporation, The University of Manchester, UK. 2006
  • Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, UAE University Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates. 2006


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