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The neglected epidemic: road traffic accidents in a developing country, State of Qatar.

The objective of the study is to explore the pattern of road traffic accidents (RTA) and their causes in the State of Qatar. A total of 52,160 RTA, 1130 injuries and 85 fatalities were registered during the year 2000. The data on RTA, injuries and fatalities was obtained from the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior, Supreme Council for Planning and Ministry of Public Health. The major cause of traffic accidents in Qatar was careless driving (71%). Relatively there was a more rapid increase in the number of registered vehicles (155%), but accidents were only (61%) in 2000 compared to the year 1983. The majority of victims (53%) were in the age group (10-40) "the most productive class in Society". Forty-three per cent of the total drivers who died due to RTA were in the age group (10-19) who were unlicensed drivers. In 2000, deaths due to RTA were the third leading cause of death after the diseases of the circulatory system and cancer. In conclusion, it is possible to control the epidemic of road traffic injuries through strict policy interventions, mass media and a national traffic campaign to increase the use of seat belts.[1]


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