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Gene Review

MIR199B  -  microRNA 199b

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MIRN199B, hsa-mir-199b, mir-199b

Disease relevance of miR-199b

Reduced expression of miR-199b-5p appears to be associated with metastatic medullobalstoma and poor prognosis for patients [1].


Detected by quantitative PCR in the cerebellum, with higher levels of expression in infants (0-1 year-olds) compared to teenagers (13-16 year-olds) [1].

High impact information on miR-199b-5p

miR-199b-5p suppresses HES1 expression, reducing proliferation and anchorage independent growth of medulloblastoma cells

Biological context of miR-199b-5p

Six miRNAs, including miR-199b-5p, were down-regulated during differentiation of HL-60 leukemic cells by 4-hydroxynonenal, a lipid peroxidation product [2].


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