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Gene Review

ESC1  -  Esc1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Establishes silent chromatin protein 1, Silent chromatin protein ESC1, YM8261.13, YM9959.01, YMR219W
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High impact information on ESC1

  • Separation of silencing from perinuclear anchoring functions in yeast Ku80, Sir4 and Esc1 proteins [1].
  • Sir4(PAD)-mediated tethering requires either the Ku complex or Esc1, an acidic protein that is localized to the inner face of the nuclear envelope even in the absence of Ku, Sir4 or Nup133 [1].
  • Finally, we demonstrate that Ku- and Esc1-dependent pathways mediate natural telomere anchoring in vivo [1].
  • Sir4(PAD) interacts with Esc1 (Establishes Silent Chromatin 1), a large acidic protein, localized at the nuclear periphery in the absence of Sir4 and yKu [2].


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