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Preliminary biocompatibility screening of several biodegradable phosphate fiber reinforced polymers.

This article describes preliminary biocompatibility screening of three degradable phosphate fibers containing K +, Ca +2/Na + and Na +/Ca +2/Al +3 ions in the polymer chain, and of several different degradable polymers reinforced with these fibers. Biodegradable phosphate fibers of calcium-sodium-metaphosphate (CSM) and sodium-calcium-aluminum-polyphosphate ( NCAP) were acutely nontoxic in cellular, tissue, and whole animal evaluations, as determined by standard acute toxicity tests. Histological studies of bone implants sites fabricated from composites of copolymers of poly(E-caprolactone/L-lactide) and poly(ortho ester) reinforced with either CSM or NCAP fibers showed these composite materials to be nontoxic, with no abnormal inflammatory response. However, histological evaluation of muscle implants sites revealed the appearance of necrotic foci associated with implant sites in 12 of 22 NCAP containing composite specimens (p less than 0.05). Results of this preliminary biocompatibility screening suggest CSM fibers may be useful in reinforcing degradable polymers for production of completely biodegradable composites for implant use.[1]


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