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Activator-specific requirement for the general transcription factor IIE in yeast.

The general transcription factor (TF) IIE is required for mRNA synthesis of many, but not all, genes in yeast. In the transcription process, TFIIE regulates TFIIH kinase activity that phosphorylates the carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II. The CTD and the CTD kinase Kin28, a subunit of TFIIH, have been shown to be dispensable for activation of several heat shock genes and the copper metallothionein gene CUP1. Here we analyzed requirement of TFIIE for transcription of these genes and found that TFIIE is necessary for activation of the heat shock genes by heat shock transcription factor Hsf1. By contrast, transcription of CUP1 mediated by both Hsf1 and copper- activated transcription factor Ace1 was inducible after inactivating TFIIE. These results show that both TFIIE and the CTD/the CTD kinase exhibit "gene specificities" which are overlapping, but not identical to each other, and thereby suggest that TFIIE functions with or without involvement of the CTD/the CTD kinase depending on the gene to be transcribed.[1]


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