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Subfascial endoscopic ligation of perforator veins (SEPS) in the treatment of venous ulcers.

BACKGROUND: Subfascial endoscopic ligation of perforator veins (SEPS) is presently considered the procedure of choice for the treatment of venous ulcers. This study was undertaken in order to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of SEPS in the treatment of venous ulcers as reported in the literature. DATA: 428 active ulcers, treated by SEPS are included in this study. SOURCE: Current world literature. CONCLUSIONS: 428 active ulcers were treated by SEPS. 17 patients had a history of a healed ulcer. 101 patients had moderately severe to severe lipodermatosclerosis. 79% of the active ulcers healed on average in 2.3 months, with a range of 21 days to 5.4 months. 2.8% recurrent ulcers were identified. 6.5% of the active ulcers did not heal. 5 active ulcers apparently got worse postoperatively. SEPS is both an efficacious and effective procedure in the treatment of venous ulcers.[1]


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