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Fabry disease: 20 novel GLA mutations in 35 families.

Thirty two mutations have been found in 35 unrelated patients of European origin with Fabry disease, including 8 females. Twenty of the mutations are novel and comprise of 13 missense: H46Y, W47G, R49P, C94S, F113S, G258R, P259R, Q279H, Q280H, R363H, A377D, P409A, P409T; 1 nonsense: L294X; 5 small deletions: 154delT, 520delT, 909-918del10, 1152-1153delCA, 1235-1236delCT and 1 splice site mutation: IVS5+2t-->c. The remaining 12 mutations have all been reported previously. All patients with deletions had the classic form of the disease but it was not possible to predict the phenotype from the missense mutations. Copyright Wiley-Liss, Inc.[1]


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