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Motor vehicle crashes and violations among drivers with multiple sclerosis.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate differences in the incidence of motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) and violations among drivers with multiple sclerosis ( MS) when cognitive impairment is present. DESIGN: Archival evaluation of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records. SETTING: Medical rehabilitation research organization. PARTICIPANTS: Community-dwelling drivers, 27 subjects with documented MS (14 MS without cognitive impairment [MS-], 13 MS with cognitive impairment [ MS+]) and 17 healthy control subjects, matched on age, sex, and driving experience. INTERVENTIONS: Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Incidence of MVCs and motor vehicle violations as documented by DMV reports for the past 5 years. RESULTS: MS+ subjects showed a higher incidence of MVCs when compared with control and MS- subjects. No significant difference in the incidence of motor vehicle violations was observed between groups. CONCLUSIONS: The presence of cognitive impairment in drivers with MS can result in an increased risk of MVC involvement.[1]


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