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Sodium deficiency enhances the behavioral responses to centrally administered vasopressin in rats.

The ability of sodium deficiency to stimulate vasopressin (VP) release was examined by determining if sodium deficiency sensitizes the animal to the behavioral disruption caused by intraventricular injections of VP. In sodium-replete rats, intraventricular injections of 50 ng VP on Day 1 had no effect on behavior, but this dose elicited abnormal behaviors (barrel rolls, hind-limb extensions) when administered on Day 2, indicating a sensitization phenomenon. In separate experiments, the first intraventricular injection of 50 ng VP in sodium-deficient but not in sodium-replete rats also elicited barrel rotations followed by hind-limb extension. Intraventricular injection of VP also disrupted motor behavior in sodium-replete rats that had multiple prior experiences with sodium deficiency but not in naive rats. These results show that sodium deficiency can mimic the effect of central injections of VP in sensitizing the brain to the behavioral effects of exogenous VP. This suggests that sodium deficiency induces the central release of VP.[1]


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