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Glucosinolates in Moringa stenopetala.

Bio-guided fractionation of seed extracts from Moringa stenopetala resulted in a myrosinase hydrolysis product, 5,5-dimethyloxazolidine-2-thione. It is formed from the glucosinolate glucoconringiin, which was identified together with O-(rhamnopyranosyloxy)benzyl glucosinolate from M. stenopetala for the first time. The glucosinolates in seeds, leaves and roots of M. stenopetala were quantified as des-sulphoglucosinolate by HPLC. The seeds without testa contained the highest concentration of glucoconringiin and of O-(rhamnopyranosyloxy)benzyl glucosinolate within the plant, 3 % and 19 % of dry mass, respectively. Abbreviations. GLS:glucosinolate GC:glucoconringiin RB- GLS: O-(rhamnopyranosyloxy)benzyl glucosinolate[1]


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