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Negative effects of humic acid addition on phytoremediation of pyrene-contaminated sediments by mangrove seedlings.

Vegetated (with Kandelia candel seedlings) and non-vegetated mangrove microcosms were employed to remove pyrene from contaminated sediments, and the effects of adding 6.7% humic acid (HA) on such removal were investigated. At the end of 6-month treatment, residual pyrene concentrations in surface sediments (0-2 cm) of the contaminated microcosms reduced from an initial 5.82 to 0.63 microg g(-1) dw, and the reduction was less in HA amended microcosms with the residual pyrene concentration remained at 3.12 microg g(-1) dw. The pyrene removal percentages in microcosms with HA amendment were 29% for surface aerobic sediments and 41% for bottom (anaerobic) sediments, while the respective removal percentages in microcosms without HA amendment were 89% (surface sediments) and 53% (bottom sediments). Microcosms planted with K. candel seedlings had a significantly higher pyrene removal when compared to the non-vegetated ones, and the average removal percentages were 70.9% and 61.4%, respectively. However, when humic acid was added, no significant difference was found between vegetated and non-vegetated microcosms in pyrene removal, both had less than 40% removal, probably because plant growth in humic acid amended contaminated microcosms, in terms of total biomass, was reduced by 50%. Roots of K. candel could accumulate pyrene from contaminated microcosms, and pyrene concentrations in roots harvested from microcosms with and without humic acid addition were 6.01 and 3.46 microg g(-1) dw, respectively. These results suggest that the addition of HA to contaminated sediments decreased the mangrove microcosm's ability to remove pyrene as pyrene was more tightly bound to the organic matter and plant growth was reduced.[1]


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