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FIC1, a P-type ATPase linked to cholestatic liver disease, has homologues (ATP8B2 and ATP8B3) expressed throughout the body.

ATP8B1/FIC1 is a member of the Type IV P-type ATPase family, which function as ATP dependent aminophospholipid translocases (APLT). We identified two familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 1 (FIC1) homologues, ATP8B2 and ATP8B3, with 53% and 45% amino acid identity, respectively. The expression profile for each gene was determined using a 73-tissue human RNA expression array. The subfamily of FIC1-like proteins is expressed in a wide range of tissues. Given that mutations in FIC1 result in liver disease, these proteins may have important roles in other organs in which they are candidates for genetic and acquired diseases.[1]


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