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PAH Growth from the pyrolysis of CPD, indene and naphthalene mixture.

In this study, the addition of cyclopentadienyl (CPDyl) moieties to aromatic rings has been investigated experimenNaphthalene was selected as the representative aromatic compound and its pyrolytic reactivity was studied first to obtain background information for the pyrolysis of cyclopentadiene-indene-naphthalene mixture. The experiments were conducted in a 5 s laminar flow reactor over the temperature range of 700-850 degrees C with 50 degrees C increments. PAH growth from naphthalene pyrolysis is mainly attributed to aryl-aryl addition of naphthyl radicals and naphthalene fragmentation, with lower product formation rates comparing with hydrocarbons with CPDyl moieties. The results indicate that naphthalene is less reactive than the CPDyl containing hydrocarbon radical-molecule addition of CPDyl radicals to naphthalene results in phenanthrene, which can also be formed substantially from other growth pathways. This addition occurs mainly at low temperatures and is less favored due to the competition from more reactive indenyl and CPDyl radicals. CPDyl radical addition to naphthalene exhibits limited aromatic growth due to the aromaticity restrictions of naphthalene. The studies of hydrocarbons with and without CPDyl moieties suggest that the reaction pathways of CPDyl bearing hydrocarbons are different from those without these moieties and cannot be adequately accounted for by the existing acetylene addition and aryl-aryl addition mechanisms.[1]


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