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Evaluation of predominant reaction mechanisms for the Fenton process in textile dyeing wastewater treatment.

This research quantitatively evaluated the predominant reactions in a large-scale Fenton process that treated dyeing wastewaters and suggested an economical and effective treatment process. Through plant analysis, it was found that a great part of the COD was removed by ferric coagulation. The comparative evaluation of Fenton oxidation and ferric coagulation revealed that ferric coagulation was the predominant mechanism to remove COD and colour. In Fenton oxidation, the removal efficiencies of SCOD and colour were 67.7% and 84.7%, respectively. In ferric coagulation, those of SCOD and colour were 60.8% and 62.0%, respectively. A combined process with iron coagulation/precipitation and Fenton oxidation reduced the hydrogen peroxide dosage by over 40% compared to a conventional dosage.[1]


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