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Kocuria marina sp. nov., a novel actinobacterium isolated from marine sediment.

An actinobacterial strain was isolated from marine sediment taken from the Troitsa Bay of the Gulf of Peter the Great, East Siberian Sea, and subjected to a taxonomic investigation. The isolate, designated KMM 3905T, was Gram-positive, aerobic, non-motile and coccoid. The strain tolerated up to 15 % NaCl in growth media, although its presence was not essential for growth. Chemotaxonomic and phylogenetic properties of the strain were consistent with its classification in the genus Kocuria. The strain formed an independent phylogenetic line in the 16S rRNA gene tree encompassed by members of Kocuria. Comparison of phenotypic characteristics also supported its assignment to a novel species within Kocuria. The name Kocuria marina sp. nov. (type strain KMM 3905T = KCTC 9943T) is proposed for this halotolerant actinobacterium from the marine environment.[1]


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