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Regulation of growth factor receptor bound 2 by electroconvulsive seizure.

Electroconvulsive seizure (ECS) is a well-established non-chemical antidepressant that is effective in the treatment of severe depression and also in subjects resistant to chemical antidepressant treatment. Although the molecular mechanism governing the antidepressant efficacy of ECS is unknown, recent work suggests that an amplification of growth/neurotrophic signaling might play a role in mediating the therapeutic effects. In this context, we examined the regulation of growth factor receptor bound 2 (Grb2), an important adaptor molecule in several growth factor signaling cascades. In situ hybridization analysis revealed a more than 2-fold induction of Grb2 mRNA in the hippocampal dentate gyrus as well as superficial and deep layers of the cortex with both acute and chronic ECS. Grb2 also exhibited a time-dependent induction 4 and 8 h after acute ECS, returning to basal levels at 24 h. These results provide further evidence of increased growth factor signaling in response to ECS.[1]


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