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Vitamin D-interacting protein 205 (DRIP205) coactivation of estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) involves multiple domains of both proteins.

Vitamin D-interacting protein 205 (DRIP205) is a mediator complex protein that anchors the complex to the estrogen receptor (ER) and other nuclear receptors (NRs). In ZR-75 breast cancer cells treated with 17beta-estradiol (E2) and transfected with a construct containing three tandem estrogen responsive elements (pERE(3)), DRIP205 coactivates ERalpha-mediated transactivation. DRIP205Delta587-636 is a DRIP205 mutant in which both NR boxes within amino acids 587-636 have been deleted and, in parallel transfection studies, DRIP205Delta587-636 also coactivates ERalpha. Moreover, both wild-type and variant DRIP205 also colocalize with ERalpha in the nuclei of transfected cells. Extensive deletion analysis of DRIP205 shows that multiple domains of this protein play a role in coactivation of ERalpha and in interactions with ERalpha. Coactivation of ERalpha by DRIP205 does not require NR boxes, and variants with deletion of N-terminal (amino acids 1-639) and C-terminal (amino acids 576-1566) significantly coactivate ERalpha. DRIP205 resembles p160 coactivators that also interact with multiple regions of ERalpha; however, unlike p160 coactivators, DRIP205 coactivation of ERalpha does not require NR boxes.[1]


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