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Surface plasmon resonance-based sensors to identify cis-regulatory elements.

In eukaryotes, transcription is regulated by multiprotein complexes binding to specific regions of genomic DNA, called cis-regulatory elements. Comprehensive identification of these elements is an important goal of functional genomics. Hence, it is of practical interest to develop a high-throughput assay to identify cis-regulatory elements. Toward that goal, we demonstrate that a surface plasmon resonance-based assay can identify whether a specific region of DNA binds to proteins present in raw nuclear lysate. Specifically, we immobilized a 16-basepair double-stranded DNA region of the SQSTM1 promoter to the Texas Instruments Spreeta, a surface plasmon resonance sensor. As a control, in a separate experiment, we immobilized a similar piece of DNA that differed by only a single base pair. We observed a significant difference in surface plasmon resonance signal when these two probes were exposed to raw nuclear lysate from NIH/3T3 cells. Using a luciferase-reporter vector transfected into live NIH/3T3 cells, we measured a significant difference in transcriptional activity between the two pieces of DNA. We conclude that a surface plasmon resonance-based sensor is capable of identifying physiologically significant cis-regulatory elements.[1]


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