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pH-triggered assembly of gold nanorods.

The self-assembly of surfactant-protected gold nanorods (aspect ratio 3.3 +/- 0.3, 20.6 +/- 5.5 nm width, and 67.5 +/- 9.0 nm length) into ordered structures using adipic acid is presented. As made, the gold nanorods are coated with cationic surfactant, which gives them a net positive charge in aqueous solution. The pH-dependent assembly is directed by electrostatic interactions between the positively charged nanorods and negatively charged, deprotonated adipic acid. Absorption spectra and light scattering measurements of these nanorods suggest that aggregation is initiated in solution in the presence of adipic acid at pH 7-8, but not at pH 3, to form small assemblies of nanorods. Zeta potential measurements show that the assembly is significantly less positively charged in the presence of deprotonated adipic acid than when adipic acid is fully protonated.[1]


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