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Vibrational analyses of vinylsulfonamide CH2CHSO2NH2.

The structure and conformational stability of vinylsulfonamide CH2CHSO2NH2 were investigated by DFT-B3LYP/6-311+G** and ab initio MP2/6-311+G** calculations. From the calculations the molecule was predicted to exist predominantly in the gauche-syn (vinyl group nearly eclipses one of the SO bonds and the NH2 and the SO2 moieties eclipse each other) conformation with the possibility of low abundance of the cis-syn and the gauche-anti forms. The asymmetric potential function for the internal rotation about CS bond was determined for the molecule. The vibrational frequencies were computed at DFT-B3LYP level for the gauche-syn conformer of the molecule and its d2(C2H3SO2ND2) and d3(C2D3SO2NH2) deuterated species. Normal coordinate calculations were then carried out and the potential energy distributions were calculated for the molecule.[1]


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