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Hydrolytic degradation of ricinoleic-sebacic-ester-anhydride copolymers.

The degradation process of poly(ricinoleic-co-sebacic-ester-anhydride)s in buffer solution was investigated by following the composition of the degradation products released into the degradation medium and the degraded polymer. The first week of degradation was characterized by the hydrolysis of the anhydride bonds and significant release of sebacic acid (SA). The remaining oligoesters of SA and ricinoleic acid (RA) degraded into shorter oligoesters composed of RA ester dimers, trimers, and tetramers as well as dimers of RA-SA. To confirm and determine the hydrolytic behavior of the degradation products, short oligoesters of sebacic and ricinoleic acid were synthesized and degraded. It was established that during the hydrolysis under physiological conditions the degradation products have a composition and water absorption similar to those of the synthesized oligoesters.[1]


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