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Application of the MAX/EGS4 exposure model to the dosimetry of the Yanango radiation accident.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), industrial radiography accounts for approximately half of all reported accidents for the nuclear related industry. Detailed information about these accidents have been published by the IAEA in its Safety Report Series, one of which describes the radiological accident which happened in 1999 in Yanango/Peru. Under unsettled circumstances an 192Ir source was lost from an industrial radiographic camera and later picked up by a welder, who normally had nothing to do with the radiographic work. The man put the source into the right back pocket of his jeans and continued working for at least another 6.5 h. This study uses the MAX/EGS4 exposure model in order to determine absorbed dose distributions in the right thigh of the MAX phantom, as well as average absorbed doses to radiosensitive organs and tissues. For this purpose, the Monte Carlo code for standard exposure situations has been modified in order to match the irradiation conditions of the accident as closely as possible. The results present the maximum voxel absorbed dose, voxel depth absorbed dose and voxel surface absorbed dose distributions, average organ and tissue doses and a maximum surface absorbed dose for zero depth.[1]


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