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Preparation of high quality electrical insulator self-assembled monolayers on gold. Experimental investigation of the conduction mechanism through organic thin films.

Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) form highly ordered, stable dielectrics on conductive surfaces. Being able to attach larger-area contacts in a MIM (metal-insulator-metal) diode, their electrical properties can be determined. In this paper, the electrical conduction through thiolate SAMs of different alkyl chain lengths formed on gold surfaces were studied and discussed. The influence of the headgroup with respect to the surface quality and prevention of short circuits is investigated. Phenoxy terminated alkanethiols were found to form high quality SAMs with perfect insulating properties. Synthesis of the required terminally substituted long chain thiols have been developed. The I(V) characteristics of MIM structures formed with these SAMs are measured and simulated according to theoretical tunneling models for electrical conductivity through thin organic layers. SAM based electronic devices will become especially important for future nanoscale applications, where they can serve as insulators, gate dielectric of FETs, resistors, and capacitor structures.[1]


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