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Analysis of methylbenactyzium bromide in human urine by thin-layer chromatography and pyrolysis gas chromatography.

A rapid and simple method of utilizing thin-layer chromatography (TLC) and pyrolysis gas chromatography (PyGC) for the identification and determination of methylbenactyzium bromide in human urine was studied in this report. Methylbenactyzium bromide was extracted from urine with ODS-cartridge (Sep-Pak C18), then spotted onto a silica gel 60 F254 TLC plate. After development, the separated spot of methylbenactyzium bromide was scraped and wrapped with a ferromagnetic foil without extraction by any organic solvents. The sample was applied into PyGC analysis. The optimum temperature for pyrolysis was 590 degrees C. The main degradation product of methylbenactyzium bromide was identified as diphenylmethane in this procedure by gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS). A calibration graph prepared by absolute calibration method showed a good linearity over the concentration range of 1-75 micrograms/spot for methylbenactyzium bromide. The coefficient of variation obtained for eleven replicate analyses of the 3 micrograms/spot of standard methylbenactyzium bromide was 3.8%. The detection limit of this compound by this procedure was 0.1 micrograms/spot.[1]


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