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Relationships of anxiety scores to screening and training status of air traffic controllers.

The present study assessed the relationship between anxiety, as measured by the State-Trait Personality Inventory (STPI), and success of post-strike air traffic control specialist (ATCS) trainees at the FAA Academy and during field training. The STPI was administered to students who entered the FAA Academy between June 1984 and September 1985. Academy test scores were obtained for 1,790 students in the en route option. Criterion data included the field training status of the Academy graduates as of July 1988. Statistical analyses determined the relationships between ATCS student scores on the STPI measures and a) normative data and b) Academy screening and field training results. ATCS students reported significantly lower state (current level) and trait (proneness) levels of anxiety than did either college students or military recruits. Trainees who had relatively high scores (for ATCSs) on a combined index of the trait and state measures of anxiety exhibited significantly higher a) percentages of Academy failures/withdrawals, b) percentages of option switches in the field, and c) overall field attrition, than did trainees with low scores. Results support the operation of some personality-related self-selection among ATCS applicants regarding anxiety and the importance of this low anxiety characteristic for ATCS job success.[1]


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