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The absolute bioavailability and dose proportionality of intravenous and oral dosage regimens of recainam.

Recainam is a novel class I antiarrhythmic agent with electrophysiologic characteristics of all three subclasses. The authors evaluated the absolute bioavailability and dose proportionality of three oral doses and two 2-stage intravenous (IV) infusion doses. Single oral doses of 200, 400, and 800 mg and IV infusions consisting of 0.8 mg/kg/5 min + 1.2 mg/kg/hr (3.75 mg/kg) and 1.6 mg/kg/5 min + 1.2 mg/kg/hr for 4 hours and 55 minutes (7.50 mg/kg) were administered to 15 healthy men. Plasma and urine samples were collected during the 36-hour period after drug administration and analyzed for recainam concentrations by HPLC. No significant differences were found in any of the pharmacokinetic parameters between the two IV dosage regimens. The absolute bioavailability of orally administered recainam increased from 73% for the 200 mg dose to 81% and 84% for the 400 and 800 mg doses, respectively. Dose proportionality deviated from linearity by 13% for the 200 vs. 400 mg doses, and 10% for the 400 vs. 800 mg doses. The slight deviation from linearity was apparently caused by increased absorption at the higher oral doses. The slight disproportionality in the disposition of recainam is not expected to be clinically significant.[1]


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