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Evaluation of the API ATB 32C system for the rapid identification of foodborne yeasts.

The commercial API ATB 32C identification kit was compared with a standard method for identifying 11 reference strains and 53 yeast strains isolated from fermented milk products. Approx. 50% of the species considered in the API ATB 32C database were identified on a level of good, very good, and excellent identification. The numerical profile of 25 strains was not found in the API ATB 32C index. Low discrimination or misidentification was observed in seven strains. The low reliability of the API ATB 32C system may be ascribed to the incomplete nature of the profile index. A majority (91%) of the strains, however, were identified correctly by the API ATB 32C strip test results in combination with the commercial computer program of Barnett et al. (1985). This combined procedure offers the possibility to identify any out of 497 species considered by Barnett et al. (1985).[1]


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