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Preclinical development and characterization of an intravenous dosage form for the ACE inhibitor RS-10029.

Preclinical development of an intravenous dosage form for the ACE inhibitor RS-10029 involved the formulation and characterization of the drug's chemical/physical stability in two prototype formulations (injectable solution and lyophilized powder). Included in these studies were quantitative evaluations of various processing and administration parameters (membrane qualification, terminal sterilization, compatibility/delivery of the drug with typical infusion fluids and administration sets) on finished product integrity and quality. Analytical methodology used in these studies consisted primarily of a stability specific HPLC assay and a light obscuration based sensor (HIAC) for particulate matter analysis. Results of these studies indicate that the drug is relatively stable at ambient temperature and under accelerated storage conditions (predicted T90 at 25 degrees C greater than 2 yr, and T90 at 50 degrees C greater than 2 mo). However, the ability of the product to withstand a full terminal sterilization cycle is limited, and therefore other approaches toward sterile processing were examined. With regard to the stability and compatibility of the drug in a variety of fluids and devices there appears to be no overt limitations in its use for either bolus or infusion delivery.[1]


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