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Tandem linkage of human CSF-1 receptor (c-fms) and PDGF receptor genes.

A 5' untranslated exon of the human CSF-1 receptor gene (c-fms) is separated by a 26 kb intron from the 32 kb receptor coding sequences. Nucleotide sequence analysis of cloned genomic DNA revealed that the 3' end of the PDGF receptor gene is located less than 0.5 kb upstream from this exon. Similarities in chromosomal localization, organization, and encoded amino acid sequences suggest that the genes encoding the CSF-1 and PDGF receptors arose through duplication. The as yet unidentified c-fms promoter/enhancer sequences may be confined to the nucleotides separating the two genes or could potentially lie within the PDGF receptor gene itself.[1]


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