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Ribonucleoprotein complex formation during pre-mRNA splicing in vitro.

The ribonucleoprotein (RNP) structures of the pre-mRNA and RNA processing products generated during in vitro splicing of an SP6/beta-globin pre-mRNA were characterized by sucrose gradient sedimentation analysis. Early, during the initial lag phase of the splicing reaction, the pre-mRNA sedimented heterogeneously but was detected in both 40S and 60S RNP complexes. An RNA substrate lacking a 3' splice site consensus sequence was not assembled into the 60S RNP complex. The two splicing intermediates, the first exon RNA species and an RNA species containing the intron and the second exon in a lariat configuration (IVS1-exon 2 RNA species), were found exclusively in a 60S RNP complex. These two splicing intermediates cosedimented under a variety of conditions, indicating that they are contained in the same RNP complex. The products of the splicing reaction, accurately spliced RNA and the excised IVS1 lariat RNA species, are released from the 60S RNP complex and detected in smaller RNP complexes. Sequence-specific RNA-factor interactions within these RNP complexes were evidenced by the preferential protection of the pre-mRNA branch point from RNase A digestion and protection of the 2'-5' phosphodiester bond of the lariat RNA species from enzymatic debranching. The various RNP complexes were further characterized and could be distinguished by immunoprecipitation with anti-Sm and anti-(U1)RNP antibodies.[1]


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