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A structural basis for S1 nuclease sensitivity of double-stranded DNA.

A protonated form of a cloned simple repeating DNA sequence d(TC)n X d(GA) is detectable in equilibrium with the usual Watson-Crick base-paired form at pHs up to 7. This form is anomalously sensitive to a variety of single-strand-specific endonucleases. The observed pH dependent protection of N-7 of dG residues within the insert suggests that these residues are either Hoogsteen or reverse Hoogsteen base-paired to protonated dC residues of the polypyrimidine strand. A structure in which dA:dT Watson-Crick base pairs alternate with Hoogsteen syndG:dCH+ pairs appears to be the most stereochemically acceptable structure consistent with the chemical properties of this protonated DNA. Protonated d(TC)n X d(GA)n interacts with an anti-Z DNA antibody raised against brominated d(GC)n X d(GC)n.[1]


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