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Menstrual migraine: a possible pathogenic implication of platelet function.

It has been suggested that migraine is a blood disorder caused by a primary abnormality of platelet behaviour. We have studied in different phases of the cycle of 11 healthy normal women and 13 patients suffering from menstrual migraine: 1. The platelet aggregation induced in vitro by ADP, collagen and ristocetin; 2. The platelet sensitivity to prostacyclin ( PSP); 3. The platelet content of 5-hydroxytryptimine (5-HT); 4. The possible correlation between these parameters and the plasma concentration of progesterone. The results demonstrate that in patients with menstrual migraine the platelet response to various aggregating agents is not modified compared to the controls, whereas there is a different response of the PSP to the modulating effect of plasma progesterone. Moreover, in the same patients the platelets have an increased capability of accumulating 5-HT during the perimenstrual phase of the cycle. This suggests that platelet dysfunction may play a role in the pathogenesis of menstrual migraine.[1]


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