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Differential binding of a CCAAT DNA binding factor to the promoters of the mouse alpha 2(I) and alpha 1(III) collagen genes.

An exonuclease III assay (Wu, C. (1985) Nature 317, 84-87) was used to identify in nuclear extracts of NIH 3T3 cells a factor which binds to the CCAAT segment of the alpha 2(I) collagen promoter between -80 and -84. This sequence is located on the coding strand in the alpha 2(I) collagen promoter. Binding is specific since only promoter fragments which contain the CCAAT box sequences on one or the other DNA strand inhibit binding to the alpha 2(I) collagen CCAAT box. The CCAAT binding factor protects approximately 26 base pairs of the alpha 2(I) collagen promoter from exonuclease III digestion. Binding to the alpha 2(I) collagen promoter CCAAT box is not inhibited by a fragment of the alpha 1(III) collagen promoter (from -396 to +16), which does not contain a CCAAT sequence on either one or the other strand. Our data suggest that two genes such as the alpha 2(I) and alpha 1(III) collagen genes, which are coordinately expressed in many tissues, are not necessarily regulated by the same trans-acting DNA binding proteins.[1]


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