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A photoproduct with 13-cis retinal generated by irradiation with violet light in the octopus retina.

The photoconversion between rhodopsin (R) and metarhodopsin (MR) was investigated in the retina of Octopus ocellatus by measurements of the fast photovoltage (FPV) in conjunction with high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Following conversion of most of R to MR by short-term exposure to an intense violet light, a large vitreous negative FPV due to photon absorption by MR was observed with an orange test flash. By continuing the exposure to the same violet light, however, the negative FPV became very small, though long-term irradiation with blue-green light produced a recovery. With the violet light exposure a substance other than R and MR is produced, which hardly contributes to FPV generation. Analysis of retinal isomers with HPLC show that such an exposure produces a substance with 13-cis retinal as its chromophore and that it was significantly reduced after exposure to blue-green light.[1]


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