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Salivary protein polymorphism in Kenya: evidence for a new AMY1 allele.

Salivary protein polymorphism was studied in 200 schoolboys, mainly Kisii and Luo from Kenya, East Africa. The frequencies of PR, PA, DB, PB and AMY1 genes were as follows: PR*1: 0.66, PA*(+): 0.18, DB*(+): 0.55, PB*2: 0.12, AMY1*A2: 0.008, AMY1*E: 0.03. These frequencies were compared with other population data, in particular from West African and US Negroes. The most interesting finding with respect to the gene frequencies is the low PB*2 frequency and the absence of AMY1*3 in Kenya. Furthermore, a new phenotype in the AMY1 system was described which suggests the presence of an allele with an estimated frequency of 0.02.[1]


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