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Bioavailability of regular and controlled-release chlorpheniramine products.

The bioavailability of chlorpheniramine regular-release versus controlled-release products was compared using 15 human subjects. The dosage forms evaluated were an 8-mg barrier coated-bead capsule, an 8-mg repeat action tablet, two 4-mg tablets, and 4- and 8-mg syrups. Single doses of each product were administered orally in a 5-way crossover study, plasma samples were collected at specific time intervals, and chlorpheniramine levels assayed by HPLC. Pharmacokinetic analysis was based on a two-compartment open model. The average plasma elimination half-life of chlorpheniramine was calculated to be approximately 18.3 hr. The controlled-release products gave a higher Cmax than the 4-mg syrup, but less than two 4-mg tablets. The controlled-release products also extended the time necessary to attain peak drug levels compared to the 4- and 8-mg syrups. The area under the curve (AUC) data for the controlled-release products was not equivalent to equal amounts of the regular-release products. The study indicated that while the controlled-release chlorpheniramine products were successful in prolonging the time course of absorption, this was at the expense of incomplete bioavailability of the drug.[1]


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