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Topographical distribution of coated pits.

The internalization of a wide range of biologically significant macromolecules, particularly low density lipoproteins (LDL) and proteins such as alpha 2-macroglobulin and epidermal growth factor, occurs primarily through characteristic, bristle-coated indentations of the cell surface known as coated pits. Current interest has focused on the topographical relationship between surface receptors for these ligands and the coated pits. We establish here that coated pits are themselves distributed non-randomly on the J774.2 mouse macrophage cell surface. Morphometric and statistical analyses of cell profiles in electron micrographs indicate two levels of asymmetry; in all cells, pits are clustered; after colchicine treatment they accumulate over a microvillous protuberance that develops at one pole of the cell. This topographical heterogeneity suggests a new level at which cellular responses to growth substances and hormones may be regulated.[1]


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