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Nomenclature for N-acetyltransferases.

A consolidated classification system is described for prokaryotic and eukaryotic N-acetyltransferases in accordance with the international rules for gene nomenclature. The root symbol ( NAT) specifically identifies the genes that code for the N-acetyltransferases, and NAT* loci encoding proteins with similar function are distinguished by Arabic numerals. Allele characters, denoted by Arabic numbers or by a combination of Arabic numbers and uppercase Latin letters, are separated from gene loci by an asterisk, and the entire gene-allele symbols are italicized. Alleles at the different NAT* loci have been numbered chronologically irrespective of the species of origin. For designation of genotypes at a single NAT* locus, a slash serves to separate the alleles; in phenotype designations, which are not italicized, alleles are separated by a comma.[1]


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