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Influence of rate of administration of raclopride on akathisia and prolactin response.

The D2-dopamine receptor antagonist raclopride was administered to eight healthy male subjects, who had previously experienced akathisia following antipsychotic drugs. The influence of administration rate on onset, severity and duration of akathisia and on prolactin response was studied. Raclopride 3, 5 or 9 mg or placebo (P) was administered as single IV infusions during 10 min (R10 min/3 mg), 1 h (R1h/5 mg) or 4 h (R4h/9 mg) according to a randomized double-blind design. Despite a 24-fold difference in administration rate a similar peak raclopride concentration of about 350 nmol/l was obtained after all three infusions. Three of the eight subjects experienced akathisia following R10 min/3 mg and R1h/5 mg, respectively. After R4h/9 mg seven subjects experienced akathisia of longer duration but not more severe than after the short infusions. The incidence and duration of akathisia seem to be mainly related to the plasma raclopride concentrations over time, whereas the rate of administration might be more important for the severity. A maximal prolactin response was induced which was not markedly affected by the rate of administration.[1]


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