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Identification of novel iso/anteiso nonacosadienoic acids from the phospholipids of the sponges Chondrosia remiformis and Myrmekioderma styx.

The previously unreported 27-methyl-5,9-octacosadienoic acid [1] and 26-methyl-5,9-octacosadienoic acid [2] were identified in the phospholipids of the Caribbean sponges Chondrosia remiformis and Myrmekioderma styx. Both sponges also contain the novel 15-methyl-5,9-hexadecadienoic acid [3] in their phospholipids. These results extend the possible chain lengths in delta 5,9 iso/anteiso fatty acids in sponge phospholipids from C17 to C29.[1]


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