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Transcription factor TFIIB sites important for interaction with promoter-bound TFIID.

Transcription initiation factor TFIIB recruits RNA polymerase II to the promoter subsequent to interaction with a preformed TFIID-promoter complex. The domains of TFIIB required for binding to the TFIID-promoter complex and for transcription initiation have been determined. The carboxyl-terminal two-thirds of TFIIB, which contains two direct repeats and two basic residue repeats, is sufficient for interaction with the TFIID-promoter complex. An extra 84-residue amino-terminal region, with no obvious known structural motifs, is required for basal transcription activity. Basic residues within the second basic repeat of TFIIB are necessary for stable interaction with the TFIID-promoter complex, whereas the basic character of the first basic repeat is not. Functional roles of other potential structural motifs are discussed in light of the present study.[1]


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