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The effects of histamine on skeletal muscle vasculature in cats.

1. Experiments have been made to determine the vascular effects of histamine and the mechanism of histamine-induced oedema formation in cat skeletal muscle. 2. Histamine caused dose-dependent dilatation of resistance vessels and increased intravascular volume over the dose range 1 X 10(-10)-1 X 10(-8) mol/kg min. The dilatation of resistance vessels resulted in dose-dependent increases in capillary hydrostatic pressure. 3. Histamine increased vascular permeability, as measured by accumulation of [131I]human serum albumin in the tissue, during infusions at 1 X 10(-8) mol/kg min but no albumin accumulation could be detected at lower infusion rates. 4. Oedema formation during histamine infusion of 1 X 10(-10) and 1 X 10(-9) mol/kg min seemed to be due to increases in capillary hydrostatic pressure and independent of increased vascular permeability. During infusions of histamine 1 X 10(-8) mol/kg min oedema was due predominantly to increased vascular permeability and to a lesser extent, the increase in capillary hydrostatic pressure.[1]


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