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Structure of the heme d of Penicillium vitale and Escherichia coli catalases.

A heme d prosthetic group with the configuration of a cis-hydroxychlorin gamma-spirolactone has been found in the crystal structures of Penicillium vitale catalase and Escherichia coli catalase hydroperoxidase II (HPII). The absolute stereochemistry of the two heme d chiral carbon atoms has been shown to be identical. For both catalases the heme d is rotated 180 degrees about the axis defined by the alpha-gamma-meso carbon atoms, with respect to the orientation found for heme b in beef liver catalase. Only six residues in the heme pocket, preserved in P. vitale and HPII, differ from those found in the bovine catalase. In the crystal structure of the inactive N201H variant of HPII catalase the prosthetic group remains as heme b, although its orientation is the same as in the wild type enzyme. These structural results confirm the observation that heme d is formed from protoheme in the interior of the catalase molecule through a self-catalyzed reaction.[1]


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