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Influence of acute renal failure on FPIA rapid serum assay of midazolam and its main metabolite.

We recently developed a simple and fast assay technique, providing the possibility of monitoring of midazolam (M) during sedation. We compared HPLC vs FPIA for the measurement of the sum M plus alpha 1-hydroxymidazolam (OM), its main and pharmacologically active metabolite, in the serum of sedated ICU patients; this activity referred to as M-like. We identified certain patients in whom M-like activity appeared abnormally high in comparison with HPLC assays. Their common denominators were: long-term sedation with M, and seriously impaired renal function. Further, the conjugates of OM ( OMG) accumulated in patients with acute renal failure could contribute to the sedation. We compared the metabolic and analytic behavior of M, OM, and OMG in 2 groups of sedated patients either presenting with normal renal functions (group 1) or with a picture of acute renal failure (group 2). Blood samples were assayed by HPLC and by FPIA and analysis was performed before and after hydrolysis of OMG. Before hydrolysis there was a dramatic accumulation of OMG in the patients of group 2, HPLC vs FPIA results were not different within group 1, while in group 2 the FPIA response exceeded that of HPLC. After hydrolysis, measurement by HPLC was greatly increased in group 2, in each group (vs HPLC) and from one group to another, the FPIA signal (the M-like activity) showed a significant increase. It would be important to take OMG into account as a coprotagonist in sedation whenever circumstances predispose to its accumulation.[1]


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